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Farmlend partners with top-quality fresh produce growers and packers around the world, enabling them to market and sell their products to a global network of trusted and vetted customers.

Access new global markets

With our extensive and readily available network of global buyers we enable you to grow your business, market your product to new markets and clear a wider range of product specs, all whilst collaborating with one partner.

With you at doors-close and doors-open

We help you accurately translate buyer specs and offer on-site support at source to ensure correct packing, eliminating quality issues before they occur.

If problems arise, our quality control team at destination protects you from unfair refund claims.

Industry-leading payment terms

We understand how crucial it is for you to receive prompt payments to reduce your financial constraints. That's why our payment terms ensure you get paid as quickly as possible, and in the currency of your choice.

Say goodbye to collections concerns

We will liaise directly with all the end buyers, so you don't have to. You will only ever interact with us.

Our insurance coverage with global insurers Allianz and Coface ensures that you are protected throughout the entire process.

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